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OMNITRACKS is ready to use without any technical knowledge due to its installation-free cloud deployment.

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One step ahead

ITIL® light with a lean flavor. Increase the efficiency of your teams and reduce unnecessary activities.

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Software as a Service

Uncompromisingly easy, uncompromisingly affordable, uncompromisingly Web! The first Service Management public cloud for businesses.

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Unbeatably affordable

Starting from 29 EUR per month and user. Based on a pricing model without a contractual minimum term.

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Efficient and motivating

Hard-to-handle is history. OMNITRACKS offers neat surfaces and user centric functions where required. All user interfaces have been ergonomically optimized to eliminate double entries, clicks and unnecessary information. Entering "Title" and "Description" twice? Countless tabs? Field memory games? Not with us.

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Redefining the standards

ITIL® is known as a de facto standard but is also complex. Besides, who cares about ITIL® outside of the IT department? We think it is time for a new flavor. What happens when you apply lean principles to ITIL®? Learn how OMNITRACKS supports your service management in setting your own pulse, delivering on schedule and eliminating unnecessary tasks.

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SaaS for all service scenarios

Customer centricity has become the touchstone of service management. As a young offshoot of an established vendor, we have used our freedom to reconsider all requirements for a service management software, standardizing and rebuilding it based on a fresh understanding of our target group. OMNITRACKS is a service management software which can be used in IT as well as in non-IT areas without any customizations. Pay once, use for free!

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Automate to gain time savings

It's not about how much time you have, it's about what you do with it. Therefore, common capacity considerations such as "FTE" were too unidimensional for us. An important factor of lean management is fighting waste. That's why we offer automated alternatives to manual categorization, prioritization and assignment of tickets. A powerful search functionality places required information at your fingertips, sparing you from digging through loads of unwanted data. Easy linking supports processing of similar issues in one work process. See for yourself!

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