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You use OMNITRACKS as SaaS (Software as A Service) in the Public Cloud. You don't have to install anything. You don't need any technical knowledge either. Just get started!

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Always one step ahead

Concentrate on the essential elements of your service management. Increase the efficiency of your teams. Rely on proven know-how from support practice. Be clever and rely on ITIL® SMART!

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Keeping on the safe side

You pay great attention to data security and data protection. So do we. Sit back and relax: your data is safe with us. As an European company, we naturally handle your data in accordance with GDPR!

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Unbeatably affordable not just cheap

Rely on 100 % quality Made in Germany. You are not bound to any contractual minimum term. Already from 29 EUR per month and user you are part of it.

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Work easier

You want to process service requests competently, reliably and nevertheless without excessive effort. Therefore OMNITRACKS puts your support staff in the spotlight. This is where ITIL® SMART comes into play. OMNITRACKS only shows your service staff those functions that are important for the respective work step. You will always find your tool support where you expect it. Thanks to the clear, streamlined user interfaces, your staff always keeps an overview, even under time pressure. With OMNITRACKS and ITIL® SMART you save time, training effort and hence money.

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Work faster

Increase your efficiency even further. Rely consistently on automation for routine tasks. For example, OMNITRACKS takes over the categorization, prioritization and assignment of tickets for you. Easy-to-create links always support your employees in dealing with similar issues in a single process. And if your staff should ever need support, the OMNITRACKS search functions offer immediate help.

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Reinvent standards

ITIL® as a de facto standard is simply too complex in some aspects for many medium-sized companies. The needs of your service organization must all be covered by a modern service environment. Therefore we have taken the best from ITIL® and converted it into OMNITRACKS with a large portion of practical experience. Provide cross-departmental services and align them with your customers. Benefit from our decades of experience in IT Service Management!

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SaaS for all service variants

Many software projects fail for a variety of reasons. With OMNITRACKS as a standardized service cloud, you can considerably reduce your project risk: Register - Set up - Done! That's why Software as a Service is the key usage model for OMNITRACKS. In addition, you only pay for what you use and for as long as you use it. As a European company, we provide our service with physical and logical security. We care about GDPR conformity! If you become a loyal OMNITRACKS customer, then as a bonus you can decide for yourself whether you want to remain in the SaaS model or switch to a permanent usage model in your in-house operations.

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