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FAQs - Frequently Asked Questions

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How can I test OMNITRACKS?

Please register in the contact area of our website with your company name and contact details. The links to the test account will then be sent to this address. OMNITRACKS test accounts are free of charge for the duration of the test period. The test period starts with the first registration at our test system and ends automatically after 30 calendar days. After or gladly already during the test period you can convert your test account into a permanent company account via the contact area on our website. At the end of the test period we will delete inactive test accounts and associated data periodically. 

Where can I find the documentation?

OMNITRACKS puts users first. Therefore, we have spent as much of our time as possible providing features where a user would intuitively expect them to be. Sparing your nerves and saving us documentation effort. Indispensable help can be found in the administration menu directly above the relevant feature or otherwise as a mouse over tooltip directly in the OMNITRACKS application.

For the very first steps in OMNITRACKS, we have also created the following manual: Onlinehelp

How can I use OMNITRACKS permanently?

The permanent use of OMNITRACKS is subject to our license terms and conditions. You can request a permanent OMNITRACKS company account at any time via the contact area on our website. The costs depend on the requested OMNITRACKS subscription level.

What is an OMNITRACKS named user?

The payable use of OMNITRACKS depends on the number of named users per company account. A named user is a personal account that has been set up in the OMNITRACKS license administration for logging into and using OMNITRACKS. This does not apply to persons or groups of the relevant company account who wish to access functionalities of the Self-Service Portal which is also provided as part of OMNITRACKS. Access to the OMNITRACKS Self-Service Portal is free of charge for persons that belong to a company with an OMNITRACKS company account within the existing contractual relationship.

Can I add named users to my account?

An extension is gladly possible. Via the company account settings, your OMNITRACKS administrator can see the currently available number of payable named user accounts. Please use the contact area on our website for such requests. OMNITRACKS will then activate the extension at short notice and inform you by E-Mail. A reduction of provided named user accounts is only possible by requesting a permanent shuttdown of the relevant named user account. Please see FAQ entry about unused named user accounts for details.

What can I do with unused named user accounts?

A reduction of payable OMNITRACKS named user accounts is possible by permanently shutting down the respective account. Please use the contact area on our website for such requests. Account closures can be requested at any time. Currently, named user account closures can only be performed by OMNITRACKS. Due to a requested reduction, OMNITRACKS updates accounts only once a month at the end of the month. Already deactivated user accounts are permanently deactivated by OMNITRACKS and remain named. They cannot be reactivated for the person concerned.  

How can I add more features to my account?

This is possible either by upgrading your OMNITRACKS subscription level or by adding options to your current service subscription. Please use the contact area on our website with a reference to the targeted upgrade or add-on option. An upgrade of your OMNITRACKS subscription always take effect for the next billing period, whereas additional OMNITRACKS add-on options are activated at short notice. The adjustment of the OMNITRACKS fees takes place from the month of the provision of the new extended services.

How can I terminate my contract?

The OMNITRACKS license agreement can be terminated in due time without additional fees. Please use the contact area on our website for this purpose. For security reasons, we will send you a confirmation to the e-mail address which is registered on your company account for this purpose.

What are the system requirements for OMNITRACKS?

As a real Software as a Service, OMNITRACKS works without installation. All you need is a web-enabled workstation or device, a professional internet connection and a standard browser. In order to get the most out of OMNITRACKS, we recommend that you consider the following points:

  • On a PC, running a screen resolution of 1280 px. or above will work best;
  • Please use one of the following standard browsers: Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari on Mac OS;
  • Activate JavaScript and Cookies within your browser settings;
  • For an acceptable user experience, you need a stable DSL Internet connection with a connection speed of 6 Mbps or faster;
  • If you like to integrate your E-Mail system with OMNITRACKS then an E-Mail server providing the protocols SMTP, IMAP4 and/or POP3 has to be available;