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Always stay ahead with OMNITRACKS Service Cloud for IT

Service Desk software doesn't have to be expensive or time-consuming today. OMNITRACKS helps you to save easily license costs, projects and operating expenses. You can also benefit from the wealth of experience of other businesses in the OMNITRACKS Service Cloud. Software updates are of course available to all customers. Together we are strong!

Are you concerned about the security of your critical data? You don't have to worry about that anymore. OMNITRACKS secures your data in several ways: Our security functions encrypt your data, enable authorization concepts and effectively protect against unauthorized access. In combination with the security measures of our hosting partner Microsoft®, you also remain in compliance with the applicable data protection regulations.

In case of problems you can trustingly contact our support team at our German headquarters. We will be glad to help you quickly and unbureaucratically.

Software with a clear focus on daily tasks

OMNITRACKS feature overview:
OTX Icon Incident Mngmt

Incident Management

Process all incidents as soon as possible to minimize negative effects on business operations.

OTX Icon Problem Mngmt

Problem Management

Create structured and detailed diagnoses of technical problems and prevent or reduce their recurrence.

OTX Icon RequestFulfilment

Request Fulfilment

Increase customer and user satisfaction with an efficient and professional handling of their concerns.

OTXIcon Change Release Mngmt

Change and Release Management

Respond to changes by professionally managing the resulting activities and risks.

OTX Icon Asset Configuration Mngmt

Asset and Configuration Management

Always keep track of your infrastructure. Manage individual elements with the least amount of effort over the entire lifecycle.


Service Catalogue and SLA Management

Identify the essentials of your services. Let your tickets be processed automatically according to these commitments.

OTX Icon Knowledge Mngmt

Knowledge Management

Optimize your response to recurring topics. Provide proper knowledge at the appropriate time.

OTX Icon Task Mngmt

Task Management

Manage all tasks conveniently and clearly in a central repository. Create tasks from any process, both for one-off or recurring activities.

OTX Icon Self Service

Self Service

Offer your customers and users modern help for self-help. Enable them to make quick progress on standard topics.

OTX Icon Dashboards Reporting

Dashboards and Reporting

Benefit from a library of standardized key performance indicators to measure the performance of your service organization objectively.

OTX Icon Integration Setup

Integration and setup

Deploy OMNITRACKS effortless with our interactively step-by-step guidance and integrate standard systems such as directory services, e-mail or monitoring with just a click.

OTX Icon Sicherheit


Data transfer in OMNITRACKS is entirely encrypted and our SaaS design is optimized to protect against external attacks. OMNITRACKS infrastructure meets the ISO/IEC 27001. Your data is treated in accordance with the GDPR.

All-in-One Ticketing

Intuitive case management for all service matters

In the OMNITRACKS Service Cloud for IT you will find all tickets of your Service Desk clearly summarized in a single list. Your personalized Work Desk offers direct access via web browser from your workstation or a mobile device. Use the generic OMNITRACKS ticket types to centrally manage all IT and non-IT service issues in one system. This is how OMNITRACKS helps to eliminate the isolated solutions in your software environment. At the same time OMNITRACKS supports cross-functional support concepts. This streamlines your organization, simplifies processes and saves costs.

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Attractive, sleek, simple - our Self-Service Portal

That little something that increases customer satisfaction and lowers your ticket rate

That little something to shine. OMNITRACKS has it. After all, your IT has to look good to customers so that they want to help themselves. In addition, OMNITRACKS is not just stylish. Your new Self-Service Portal is also equipped with many practical functions such as ticket creation, knowledge database or the IT shop for end users. With OMNITRACKS you are confident to show yourself at your best. The downstream ticketing within the OMNITRACKS Service Cloud will then make your IT truly shine.

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Cockpits for a better overview

All relevant information summarized role-based

OMNITRACKS offers predefined views of your tickets, which you can customize according to your own preferences. Thus you always keep track of your key performance indicators (KPIs), the current workload of your employees or the infrastructure elements of your configuration management. With the standard cockpits from OMNITRACKS, you always have exactly the information you need at a glance.

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A Task Board for better work-flow

Visualization increases transparency and reduces bottlenecks

An unbalanced distribution of work causes bottlenecks at chronically overworked employees, unpredictable lead times and ultimately a higher failure rate. A first step towards an even work distribution is the visualization of tasks with OMNITRACKS Task Board. The work is done faster and the motivation of your team increases. Lead times also decrease and the commitment to customers increases. A real benefit for all parties involved.

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Keeping an overview with the CMDB Explorer

Mastering complexity in the IT more easily with our CI visualization

Actions without vision are rarely successful in complex IT environments. The OMNITRACKS Management Database offers a simple, low-administration method for managing all elements that may be affected by outages or changes in your IT infrastructure. An intuitive search makes it easy for your staff to locate the elements directly from case processing. Together with the CMDB visualization component, you can identify potential correlations long before the effects impact. In combination with the criticality rating of specific infrastructure elements, Incidents are prioritized faster and outages are noticeably minimized.

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Automated questions for better support

Reduce ticket processing times and increase processing quality

When the same questions are asked over and over again, this demotivates everyone involved. It also prevents customers as well as employees from the actual work. The right amount of information is an essential factor especially for the speed and quality of your Service Desk. With OMNITRACKS, query loops are now something of the past. Our validation module asks exactly the right questions for the type of ticket in the relevant work step. This improves the flow of information and shortens processing times. Best of all, you can also use this module for customer surveys to further optimize your service performance.

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